EasyFi :

Base & strength of every business is their customers in the competitive world Easyfi is a effective solutions to bring more customer and retain them,Easyfi is a social wifi based marketing solution which captures data of every single client visiting your premises, Easyfi is a best way to enhance your social media following and reputation. easyfi makes it possible,getting organic likes and loyal customer base. Easyfi helps business houses maintain customer database and carry out marketing on top of it.Getting more customers to your business is the aim .


Every demand rises from house/home the struggle that we make in satisfying our daily needs is hectic and tiring keeping all this is mind,SMARTBHK makes your life smart and easy. SMARTBHK helps you pay all your society maintenance ,utility bills, recharge bills and domestic services at one click. It helps you connect with your society members and keep you informed incase of any update.managing home becomes easy & efficient with SMARTBHK.

Techup :

its an online as well as offline technical support providing platform,where users can register with their issues and get instant solution. To make the interaction more effective and easy we have provided video chat option. Instant remote support for any issue that you have related to your desktop,laptop,tablet pc , mobile phone and printers can be easily sorted out here. Techup is an affordable,effective and quick service providing platform.